Founded 1993

Come through history of our family business. There is already something to remember. From the hard beginnings....

ŠD is on left, better foto is not preserved. :-)
ŠD is on left, better foto is not preserved. :-)


Jaroslav Uchytil founded a family company with his son Jaroslav. 

First bus, the forerunner of Karosa - Beautiful round ŠD11, so-called "Ešdéčko". A bus made in 1973, beautiful, but problematic. First years, the homecoming was uncertain. :-)


We bought first Karosa, made 1982. Line Model LC 734, with tour seats. So-called "Four".

With this bus, we've already dared to go abroad. The photo is from trip to Medugorje on pilgrimage with believers. 


Another Karosa, this time model LC 735, tour design, raised trunks. So-called "Five".

This foto is from trip to Austria. You can see, that there are no seats in the back of the bus. Thats where we had bikes!

We have 3 buses in total, air conditioning far in the future, the first bus with a supercharged engine is approaching. :-)



Karosa LC735, year of manufacture 1986. Bought in ČSAD Tábor. So-called "two".

First bus with supercharged engine and a quiet rear axle, with this the traveling was much more comfortable. It had the Euro 0 eco standard, in winter the cold engine smoked the whole willage, but no one cared those times...

We equipped this bus with fridge and video, step progress. :-)

This foto is year 2001 from Athens, back then the bus made it to Crete. Drivers in legitimate shorts Pavel and Tom.


Karosa LC 735, year of manufacture 1989. So called "Green".

In 1998 we bought another Karosa, so-called "Three" and in 1999, after repairs and varnishing we had 4 similar buses.

Traveling is our thing...


2002 - 2008

Karosa LC 735, year of manufacture 1986.

Last squared Karosa. Euro 0. Cast wheels, air conditioning over travelers from ŠD. It took a ride to Projela se až to Lofoten and to Narvik in Norway, from where we've got fotos too.

2003 - 2009

Oasa HD12, year of manufacture 1991. 

First real tour bus, with air contitioning. The appearence wasn't really modern, but it fulfilled the norm Euro 2. Plus it was really comfortable and had enormous trunk. These fotos are from Scotland, h=where we traveled with group of cyclist in 2004.

2005 - 2010

Renault Master, year of manufacture 1997.

First minibus. Up to 22 seats. With this bus we rode a purpose line - children to school. We had two similar Renaults, the second one was from year 1986. :-) 

2006 - 2011

Bova FHD, year of manufacture 1992.

First Bova, foreign production autokar. It already had Toilet as a standard, today it's normal. Euro 0 emissions and had a lot of mileage. On the foto is already after repair of exterior. The bus was originally silver.

2007 - 2012

Karosa LC956, year of manufacture 2002

Last Karosa in company. A bit nostalgic..., it was a very successful bus, which drove everywhere, was economical and reliable.

2010 - started new company, UCHYTILCZ, s.r.o., partners Pavel, Tomáš a Jan.

2008 - 2018, 2010-2014

Iveco Daily Stratos (blue), y.o.m. 2002, 

Iveco Daily Mave (stříbrné), y.o.m. 2001 

Two very decent minibuses, we love to remember of, which drove through Europa.

2009 - 2017

Bova FHD, y.o.m. 2002, called "Zlatka"

The first bus from the highest category. Both comfort and equipment. We bought it at age 7, but little used. We drove more tan 3/4 milion km.

2011 - 2014

Bova Magiq FHD.

First triaxial bus. He rode very well, but we sold him relatively soon, because he wasn't fulfilling  norm Euro 4, which we needed for our way to London.

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